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53: Optimizing Pricing Models to Scale to $175M in Sales with Mike Filsaime

Episode 53 . 1:05:30
Mike Filsaime is the CEO of Groove Digital, one of the fastest-growing software platforms for digital and e-commerce marketers. As an online marketing expert, educator, and consultant, Mike claims to have done more $1M launches than any other marketer in history.
In this episode, Mike shares his journey from college dropout to launching, managing, and scaling SaaS companies that have done over $175M in sales. He talks about the pros and cons of different pricing strategies, his process for increasing the lifetime value of a customer, and how his approach to running companies has changed after multiple successful exits.
You’ll also hear Mike’s “best tip” regarding products and offers, what he views as “the 2 most powerful things in marketing,” and his main focus when it comes to scaling.
“If you’ve ever heard the expression that you can make $1 per month online for every person you have on your email list, that metric came from me.” – Mike Filsaime
“I think you learn more from your failures than your wins. It’s always a game of getting rid of the bad. It’s really the game that we’re in.” – Mike Filsaime
“Today, you talk about your passion and your expertise. You put that together and you figure out the economics of the marketplace, and then you’re going to be able to make money with it.” – Mike Filsaime

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