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44: Helping Over 1,900 Experts Scale through Acquisition with Adam Lyons

Episode 44 . 55:00

Since launching The S.M.A.R.T Blueprint in 2020, Adam Lyons has helped over 1,900 entrepreneurs scale their businesses through acquisition.

He talks about his 5-part framework to leverage customer data and uncover new opportunities, aiming to give business owners a way to generate additional revenue without new leads.

Today, I’m talking with Adam about how he went from working as a janitor to becoming a serial entrepreneur who owns over 16 active companies. You’ll hear him explain his no-money-down approach to acquiring new businesses and his method for hiring people to run them.

We also talk about why he deliberately decides to stay small, the science of generating upsells, and his strategy for overcoming objections and boosting future sales.


“I like to view laziness as extreme efficiency.” – Adam Lyons

“Price is only an issue in the absence of value” – Anonymous


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