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37: 8-Figure Startups, Building Your Sales Team, and Systemizing Your Business with Ryan Deiss

Episode 37 . 1:06:50
Ryan Deiss has founded dozens of companies and had multiple 8-figure exits. He created a name for himself in the marketing world through startups like DigitalMarkerter.comWar Room, and Traffic & Conversion Summit, the largest digital marketing conversion conference in North America.
In this episode, we talk about hiring salespeople that are the right match for your ideal customers, the importance of building a sales process that doesn’t rely exclusively on rockstar sales reps, and why building a brand and marketing are critical to scaling up.
We also dig into Ryan’s latest company, Scalable, which helps entrepreneurs build operating systems to scale their businesses without sacrificing freedom. You’ll learn all about Ryan’s process mapping framework, an approach to document and visualize how your company creates value from start to finish, so it can ultimately run without you.
“The hard work of scale is making the decision ‘when are we going to invest in something before we can technically afford it?’” – Ryan Deiss
“I’ve always told everybody on our marketing team, ‘your job is to engineer ideal sales conversations. Your job is to engineer it such that when a sales rep shows up for a call, the people are fundamentally sold.’” – Ryan Deiss

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