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36: Z’Tejas, Scaling to $100M, Empowering Staff, and Creating a Culture of Trust with Randy Cohen

Episode 36 . 33:54
Randy Cohen is the owner of Z’Tejas (a renowned TexMex chain in Austin) as well as the Founder and Chief Energizing Officer (CEO) of TicketCity.
He started TicketCity in 1990 with the goal to make it easier for fans to get tickets to their favorite events. Since then, the company has grown into one of the largest privately held ticket marketplaces in the world.
By 96’ he had reached $12M in sales. As the internet took off, and with the acquisition of SoldOut.com, company revenues surpassed $100M.
In this episode, Randy shares the story of starting and scaling TicketCity into the company it is today. We discuss the challenges of running an event based business during Covid and how he kept all his staff happy and employed, despite being hit hard.
We also dig into Randy’s framework for building a culture of trust and empowering staff to make decisions on their own, while serving customers at the highest level.
“If it’s right for the company, and it’s right for the customer, and they don’t mind reading about it in the paper, go for it.” – Randy Cohen
“Making people feel good is really the key to success. They’re not going to remember what you said, but they will remember how you made them feel.” – Randy Cohen

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