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29: Mapping a Better Customer Journey to Scale Beyond 8 and 9-Figures with George Bryant

Episode 29 . 58:34

George Bryant is a digital marketer who’s helped thousands of entrepreneurs scale their companies by focusing on building and nurturing relationships. Mike Dillard described him as the “single best marketer in the world right now.”

His approach to scaling is centered around improving the customer journey. He believes converting new customers is an easy path to growth when you’re just starting out, but to truly scale, there has to be a bigger reason for customers to come back for more.

In this episode, we dive deep into George’s principles for mapping a better customer journey.

He explains how to avoid turning your company into an “anti-marketing machine”, so you can push past major sticking points and scale beyond 8 and 9-figure businesses.


“Your job isn’t to market your message, it’s to create messages that other people can use to market for you while elevating themselves.” – George Bryant

“Our job isn’t to find customers, it’s to create customers.” – George Bryant

“Your business isn’t done the moment somebody buys your product. Your business is done when they achieve the result that you promised they would get by buying your product.” – George Bryant


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