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10: Turning a 6-Figure Business into an 8-Figure Exit with Cole Humphus

Episode 10 . 35:20

Imagine growing a business from $135k to $1.5M, all within 1 year! That’s what Cole Humphus did with his online photography business, Cole’s Classroom.

And the best part…

He built his business so that it could operate on auto-pilot. It generated sales 24/7, maintained extremely healthy profits, and minimized the headaches that most entrepreneurs deal with when it comes to scaling people and processes.

Cole continued to grow that business to a total $13.6M and eventually landed an 8-figure exit deal.

Now, he’s on a mission to serve others. Through his latest venture, Rapid Scale Group, he helps online course creators & coaches triple their sales within 12 months.

“One thing I’ve learned again and again is to always bet on yourself and never rely on others for your freedom or prosperity & to always focus on your strengths and do the work that you enjoy most.” – Cole Humphus

“My secret sauce was really just being obsessive over the data and always trying to focus on continual improvement, lower acquisition costs, while simultaneously, doing everything I could to increase lifetime value.” – Cole Humphus


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