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In this episode, join Brad as he interviews Ross Hamilton. They discuss Ross’s journey from BMX biking to real estate, setting goals, and starting a tech business. Ross talks about creative real estate deals and growing Connected Investors. They share insights on entrepreneurship, selling a business, and adapting to change.

Ross highlights the importance of planning an exit and shifting to software. He also talks about life after selling, AI in real estate, and his charity work. Plus, he mentions how Easy Pay Direct saved their business in a payment crisis, emphasizing reliable payments. Tune in for valuable insights into real estate and business.

Ross Hamilton is a seasoned real estate investor who started young. He’s done various real estate deals and is also into tech investments. As the CEO of Connected Investors, he’s grown the platform to help real estate investors and disrupt the industry. Ross likes to share what he knows about real estate and tech, positively impacting both fields.


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