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In today’s episode, step into the world of RV business growth with Jason Haugen. Hear how he turned a $12 million store into a thriving company. Learn about the challenges of managing RV operations, from inventory to financing. Discover Jason’s journey from Network marketing to RV industry CEO and how he expanded even during COVID-19.

Find out how teamwork and lessons from Network marketing contributed to his success. Get insights into RV sales and effective growth tactics. Jason also shares tough moments when economic factors hit the industry and entrepreneurs’ lessons on business understanding.

Tune in for valuable insights on culture, leadership, and strategic hiring. Jason’s innovative L1 to L5 employee rating system and fusion of personal development with business triumphs are not to be missed!

Jason Haugen is the CEO of Haugen RV Group, initially entering entrepreneurship at 18 through Network Marketing. He achieved success leading a large team for six years before transitioning to the RV industry in 2019.

He’s been running the RV dealerships since 2018 and officially became CEO in 2020. Jason is dedicated to building exceptional teams and shares his passion as a speaker and host of the Culture Camp podcast, focusing on the importance of culture in various fields.


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