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In this episode of “Beyond A Million,” Brad interviews Nathan Hirsch, the founder of FreeeUp.com. Nathan discusses his journey of growing his Amazon business to $5 million in revenue and creating FreeeUp, a platform for freelancers and virtual assistants.

He highlights the significance of partnerships, SEO, marketing, and client relationships. Nathan shares insights about finding the right business partner or buyer, effective communication, and the agency model behind FreeeUp. Ultimately, he delves into the pros and cons of using virtual assistants, the transformative impact of podcasts on networking and exposure, and his business portfolio.

Nathan Hirsch is a serial entrepreneur and eCommerce expert. He launched his first online business from college and has achieved over $30 million in sales. He’s the CEO of FreeeUp.com, linking businesses with skilled freelancers. Nathan appears on popular podcasts like Entrepreneur on Fire, sharing online hiring insights. He also founded Ecombalance.com for e-commerce bookkeeping and OutsourceSchool.com to teach his hiring strategies.


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