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56: 8-Figure Exit Strategies & Defending Your Wealth with Mike Brown

Episode 56 . 1:01:36
Mike Brown is an investor, entrepreneur, and the founder of Unbreakable Wealth, a coaching program that aims to help entrepreneurs break through key challenges to hit their next levels of business and financial success.
After flying more than 70 combat missions for the U.S. Navy, Mike pivoted into the world of oil and gas in Texas, eventually founding and scaling a business to $34M in revenue with five employees before making an 8-figure exit.
In today’s episode, Mike shares his views on discipline and risk and how they play into a founder’s journey to scale and sell a business. You’ll also hear Mike talk about key changes he made to his mindset for different milestones in his entrepreneurial journey, how he balances the value between money and lifestyle, and what he’d do differently if he could do it all again.
“Rinse and repeat is the most powerful wealth-building strategy out there.” – Mike Brown
“If hard work were the number one factor in success, there’d be a lot more wealthy people out there.” – Mike Brown
“In order to reach the next level and go beyond that seven-figure mark, it really takes a different kind of discipline.” – Mike Brown
“For most people, wealth is not built in the entrepreneurial journey but it’s what you do with the money once you’ve made it.” – Mike Brown
Risk is a huge one that people constantly underplay when they look at success. You have to take massive risk.” – Mike Brown

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