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08: Master Your Skills & Double Your Sales In 12 Months with Ted Miller III

Episode 8 . 34:34

Today, I’m speaking with Ted Miller III. Ted is a business growth expert, sales innovation strategist, coffee aficionado, and the CEO of Training Mastery 3 (TM3)—which expertly guides small businesses to reach their next level of success.

He’s worked with over 25,000 entrepreneurs from 24 different countries, doubling their sales in only 12 months. Ted used the same principles internally, doubling sales 3 years in a row with his senior business partners, the late, great Chet Holmes and the amazing Tony Robbins. Ted has also worked with business titans such as Robert G. Allen, Jay Levinson, Jay Abraham, and many more.

After working with so many entrepreneurs over the years, Ted realized that their challenges weren’t that unique. He heard the same problems over and over again. He decided to turn those insights into a proven system that has gone on to help thousands of business leaders skyrocket their success.

In today’s episode, you’ll learn the big difference between companies that get stuck and ones that breakthrough. You’ll also hear actionable tactics and strategies for sourcing, screening, and onboarding a high-performing sales team.

“Record sales calls and stop role-playing with your team. Literally, press play and let all the salespeople hear it.” – Ted Miller III

“Stop selling. Most people suck at it. Start adding value first.” – Ted Miller III

“If you’re a sizable company who’s truly trying to scale, the biggest problem you probably have in your sales department is you’ve asked them to become marketers.” – Ted Miller III


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